Mississippi Private Investigators Association

Professional Private Investigators Association for Mississippi based Private Investigators

Association of Mississippi professional Private Investigators

We are a group of PI's with principle offices based in Mississippi.  Our goal is to reach out to the community of PI's, insurance companies, law firms, businesses and the general public.

Our investigators come from various backgrounds with numerous specializations.  Some of our  members have law enforcement or military backgrounds, others come from other professions and have different degrees of training and education. 

 We trust you will find our members to be honest, professional & competent in their approach to your cases.  We also are proud to say that our members are flexible and compassion in their approach to meeting your needs.

We vet all our members to be sure they have credentials and no legal issues affecting their present careers holding your case in confidential status.

WHY JOIN our association?

There are several excellent reasons to join our association.  We have Mississippi based Private Investigators only as members.  This gives our members who live, work and pay taxes in Mississippi the advantage of knowing we are working toward promoting Mississippi based Private Investigators to Mississippi clients.  Also our association members are free from criminal backgrounds.  Additionally we at AMPPI do not promote huge egos, power struggles and infighting and divisions that plague so many associations.  We have purity of motives, we want to see our members gain more of a market share in their areas of expertise and geographic locations.  We look forward to learning from each other, collaborating, and working toward licensing in the state of MIssissippi.  We at AMPPI believe that licensed Private Investigators will bring more credibility, consumer satisfaction and client retention for our industry in Mississippi.  Rather than being part of a resistance against state licensing, we strive to see the valid points in why licensing is necessary to protect clients from rogue or fraudulant investigators who do not  put the needs of the clientele first and foremost.  We are looking for private investigator companies whose integrity and goals for improving conditions for Mississippi clientel are firm.  As our association grows we look forward to training events, working with state officials to promote licensing and community service.  We hope you will consider joining our prestigous association. 


Gladys Brierley Founder & Director 601-683-2094    email accurateinvest@bellsouth.net


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